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This site is managed by lubbins and the_lightbear23.

We are a collective of individuals united under a common goal: To create for ourselves as individuals an egalitarian situation in which we may experience prosperity through community cooperation, with the eventual goal of a combined/networked living arrangement.

The purpose of this LJ community is to hash out philosophical differences of we who are by choice involved, and to establish a loose philosophy around which the mundane aspects of our eventual community life can be centered. This endeavor will archive and make possible a continual conversation regarding the political, social, technological, environmental and spiritual ideologies we hope to propogate.

It should be stated immediately that this process should be considered emergent. In order for this community to function smoothly, every individual involved must "submit their will" to the will of the group in reaching attainable concensus. That is not to say that argument and discussion should be stifled, but respect toward eachother as well as willingness to examine and adapt one's own viewpoint is integral to the sucess of the community. In other words, no one of us has the answer for all of us, but through our combined effort, it should be possible to shed light on common ground.